What would this world be without love? Without kindness, without delicious moments or meals to remember. Without emotion and comfort? We are a wholesome business, believing in health both inwardly and outward. What is great food without kind service? And what is a healthy meal without satisfaction? We are dedicated to not just preparing a meal for you and your family, but offering food that spark joy, creating relationships with our customers and taking time to educate you on our plant based ways. 

After 3 years of serving out of a food truck, we are so excited to begin this new journey at North Market, serving alongside other amazing small and local restaurateurs, creators and artisans. 

Our fully plant based menu was designed with your mood in mind. Some days call for spicy, some light and refreshing, and others hearty and warming. We use local when possible, organic almost always, and create as little waste as possible with our compostable serve wear, and sustainable business practices. Our offerings will surprise you with not only the flavors and unique ingredients but how good they will make you feel. Trust us- you'll begin to crave that light and satisfied feeling. Let us give you a reason to smile, to spend time with those you adore, to have moments to look forward to. Come visit us at our Plant Based Eatery inside North Market Bridge Park.

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Local Business we partner with:

Spritz tea

Ramble Coffee


“Amazing food, milkshakes and coffee! Yum!”

“Everything is always perfect! Thank you so much for the thought and effort you put into every detail.”


“I love The Little Kitchen! I’m vegetarian/vegan and so glad I tried Them. Even if you aren’t vegan you will love it too.  Mac and peas is amazing and full of flavor. I loved the sun burst smoothie too!”